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Tour Gone Awry


The problem was that the tour started with Jeff Beck. If the universe had realized the intent of my blogging it would have put Jeff Beck in Boston at the end of December. That would have been the appropriate tack to take. Let me explain.

My husband and I love to experience live music together and there is nothing we savor more than seeing fabulous musicians enter that nirvana-like zone and pull us in with them. It becomes a bit of heaven on earth, making physical beingness so very delicious. It is more intoxicating than any alcoholic drink or illegal substance could ever be. And, there’s no hangover, just a succulent lingering pleasure that you can relive anytime you think about the concert.

The second artists on the “tour”: Kenny Wayne Shepard and Johnny Lang were both child prodigies and are tremendously talented. The problem is that I don’t think they made that same pact with the devil that Jeff Beck did (only kidding, but honestly, I’m still slightly suspicious). That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy their performances. I absolutely did. They were joyful, playful and talented. There were some songs where they went into the zone. 

But, Jeff Beck exists only in the zone. It is as though it is the dimension he was born in–like some orphan child of string theory. I am probably right to question his humanness. He is like the opera singer that holds that hopelessly high note except it isn’t for tens of seconds it is for eternity, or, at least as long as a concert lasts.

Jeff Beck’s genius may terminate my blogging about the tour of the greatest living guitarists of all time. I will go to the concerts and listen to the music. I will dance and enjoy myself. But, I don’t think I will see another Jeff Beck. If I do the pads of my fingers will touch these keys again and I will be sure to let you know.

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