A.M. Wilhelm | The Blessing of Paying it Forward
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The Blessing of Paying it Forward

If you’re reading these words, you’ve subscribed to my blogs. You and dozens of others every day for weeks. I’m not bragging. I’m humbled. My posts are like scraps of satellite debris floating in space. Unless you, my readers, save them from becoming the flotsam of the writing universe. YOU are my inspiration!

Writers should honor their readers.

Artists should praise their viewers.

Superstar athletes must know they could not be paid without fans buying tickets to their games.

We are all contributors, consumers, providers.

Necessary components to keep the wheel of life spinning.

How often do we acknowledge how critical each is to the other?

I do.



With you.

My readers.

My listeners.

My illumination.

Tell me how to pay you back.



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