A.M. Wilhelm | Ten Ways to Think a Better World Into Being
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Ten Ways to Think a Better World Into Being

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

                                                                                                               Albert Einstein


Years ago I discovered a seed lodged in my consciousness. With research and experimentation, it grew into my belief in the power of my thought. Each time I led my mind in the direction of a certain idea, more would come forward. The better focused I am, the faster they race, as if to some unforeseen finish line. It makes no difference whether they are uplifting or depressing. In my life as far as thinking is concerned like attracts like. It’s important to me to flow a stream of healing, hope, and solutions. Here’s my list of ten things I can do daily to keep me on track.


  1. Keep my kindness-sensor in tune, noticing anytime someone offers a loving gesture to another, or to myself.
  2. When someone isn’t as nice as I would like, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps there is too much sadness and rage within them to suppress at that moment.
  3. It is helpful to acknowledge I can never know why some may choose to act as they do. My compassion is the only thing that might change their perspective. My judgment or anger will never help them see things differently.
  4. It always feels good to appreciate the endless abundance in my life. The sun, which offers light and warmth. Friends and family who do the same. Food to eat. Shelter. Transportation. Along with laughter, fun and the opportunity to create. I wish these things for all others, too.
  5. I’ll remember we each have guidance in the form of intuition and inspiration that can lead us forward if we quiet our minds enough to listen. I’m blessed to know this truth. It provides confidence and security that nothing else can, that no one else can.
  6. For those who are in situations where decisions are being made for them against their will, I offer my support and my action when I see the ways I can help.
  7. Being alive will always be a joy. I want everyone else to have reason to celebrate life along with me.
  8. My mother always said, and says, “Everyone’s different.” Indeed we are! And, it is my mind’s refrain when the impulse to judge creeps up on me. I desire that each individual discovers honoring the others on this planet is the best way to be free from negative emotion.
  9. I can envision a world where problems lead directly to solutions. Where division transforms to unity. And people enjoy working together to create a society in which all can thrive.
  10. There are so many examples of kind, loving, compassionate people in the world. I consciously give my attention to them, acknowledging that attention has power. I want to augment their kindness. Shine a light on their loving ways. And, enhance the vibration of joy in the world. As they have inspired me, maybe I can inspire others. And perhaps that’s how we change our thinking to change the world!



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