A.M. Wilhelm | Suppose Time Doesn’t Exist
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Suppose Time Doesn’t Exist

Suppose for a moment that time doesn’t exist. I don’t mean that the sense of time doesn’t exist, but that we have a mutual understanding that time is a human construct.

What does life look like without time? A pleasing perspective indicates that there are no deadlines. You can get it done, and exactly when people want you to. And, of course, there is no pressure–pressure to do . . . to be . . . to have. You can do it all, in your own sweet time–which doesn’t exist . . .isn’t that a cool idea?

Did you ever have an experience where it seemed like time slowed, or ran at a different pace? Could that be evidence that time, as we evaluate it, isn’t a constant thing. Doesn’t Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity prove that? But, forget Einstein, aren’t we proving that to ourselves all the time 😉 . . .examples to follow:

I can take a yoga class that is supposedly 90 minutes and it feels like 15-20 minutes. Or, I can have a bad argument with my husband that encompasses the entirety of my years on Earth.

Perspective. Focus. And, being on a spaceship approaching the speed of light–these are the things that inform our sense of time.

Random musings. I didn’t go to MIT but my husband did.

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  • Thank God you will have the appropriate rations of food on the spaceship. 🙂 Love the blog/site, Amy. Nicely done. xo

    July 29, 2015 at 7:02 pm
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