A.M. Wilhelm | Beyond Silver Linings
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Beyond Silver Linings

If clouds have silver linings, do silver linings need clouds to exist? Are big hairy problems our guardian angels in disguise, delivering insight and gifts in the midst of their mists? I acknowledge I’ve emerged stronger and more empowered from each challenge I’ve faced.


Which leads to the question, whom would I be if my life was made out of pure sunshine?


Boring, for one. Hey universe, that’s not a shout out for more problems. I’ve got enough to sort through right now. Though most days I live a life filled with fabulous relationships and fun, enjoying the effortless flow of it. But nothing advances without desire coming first. Problems are the midwives to solutions.


The greater the crisis, the more opportunity there is for expansion.


This concept reminds of a theory in astrophysics that postulates a black hole, which sucks all energy from the surrounding space (all right Mr. Hawking, not ALL but let it stand for the sake of argument) might be linked to a white hole that spews energy. Think of those who have grown up in horrific circumstances who have gone on to make wonderful lives for themselves.


I’m not advocating creating crises to foment change but to see them as opportunities when they do come.


When life is easy, we sometimes forget to do things that invigorate and excite us, causing us to grow complacent. Problems can point out areas where we want things to change and hence create a vehicle for a better life, not a worse one. Why do we still want everything to be perfect and smooth all the time? We know it’s not possible. I’m suggesting it may not even be beneficial.


While I won’t be placing a want-ad for crises turn up in my experience, I’m softening my view of them, focusing on the silver I will collect in the end.

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