A.M. Wilhelm | Ember
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Harrison Ember’s memory is useless, his skills, deadly. He could save the world from catastrophe, unless he’s the one who planned its destruction.

In his current life, Harrison is content as a Providence firefighter and artist who uses a blowtorch to turn tree stumps into sculptures. His sense of satisfaction flees when distressing images emerge from the blazing infernos he combats. They portray him as a key member of an international plot. If the conspiracy succeeds, World War III may ensue.

While struggling to uncover his history, the cloudy details rise like oil on water. As he wades through the murky terrain, he can’t help but feel lost–is he a hero or is he a villain? His journey leads him to the discovery of unusual abilities within himself, but he doesn’t know what they mean or how to use them. One thing does become clear–the past is unchangeable, but the future is not.

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