A.M. Wilhelm | My Story
I am very interested in life, in being kind, and in becoming more than who I was when I first slid down the rainbow bridge and arrived on Earth.
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I consider myself a perpetual student of life, constantly seeking experiences to use within the pages of my stories. As an avid traveler, I have found echoes of my soul in all of the places I’ve visited, from the streets of Paris to the ruins of Central America.

While my published work has historically been commercial–writing company articles for J. Crew and copy for a biotechnology-consulting firm–my heart has always been in creative writing. Journaling and writing poetry since I was a child, I have since completed a screenplay, two novels, and embraced blogging. I’m also a Senior Writer for Book Club Babble, a book reviewing website.

When I’m not stretching my mind with plotlines and character development, I can be found stretching my body as an advanced Bikram yoga practitioner. Because of my background in ballet, I’ve found the vigorous physicality and discipline of yoga to be like old friends that provide a welcome contrast to the mental task of writing.

I’m originally from Rhode Island, and currently live with an open heart and lively spirit on a quiet, woodsy street in New England.

My name is A. M. Wilhelm.

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